How It Works

GWIJ is designed to facilitate messaging between speakers of different languages where you can text in your language and then see an instantaneous translation into your recipient’s language. We even designed a special double bubble speech bubble to hold this big idea. And, there’s more: if you want to hear the pronunciation of the secondary language just hit the speaker icon and GWIJ will read aloud. This deep immersion may help you learn that second , third or seventh language!


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GWIJ will let you communicate via text easily with speakers of 108 languages and more are coming.

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GWIJ does everything your favorite messaging app does with the added benefit of getting an instantaneous translation you can see. Iif you want to hear how to say something, you can do that, too!

Enjoy The App

Download GWIJ and start chatting up that new colleague in the Brazil office, or get that coffee with the that new Korean student.

It’s all here. All in one app.

GWIJ is packed with tools for facilitating communication between different languages. GWIJ really excels when it comes to making communication simple.

  • Tools to assist with translation and transliteration
  • Text-to-voice translation feature
  • Convert messages in different languages or see the message in your own language
  • Go beyond just connecting with someone speaking your language

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GWIJ Screenshot

Communication in different languages is made easy with GWIJ. Have a look at these screenshots to better understand its features.